Difusão no contorno de grão

GBD helps reduce the usage of the rare earth as so to save the resources and cut down the cost in an effective manner. The proven technology can well perform the Intrinsic Coercivity enhancement and the Remanence Stabilization in a same magnet, and expand our capability to 54UH, 50EH and other high-grade productions.

Íman laminado

It has been proven that the Laminated Magnet technology can reduce the eddy current loss for the high-efficiency motors, which decreases operating temperature of motors and makes them more efficient. Currently, the laminated magnets are like a hot cake to the industries of new energy vehicles, aerospace and intelligent labor robots.

Nano revestimento

Nano Coating is based on the development of advanced metal anti-corrosion technology for extreme oceanic environments, excellent at ion blocking and corrosion preventing. Nano Coating is now expected to replace multiple surface treatment such as Ni-Cu-Ni, epoxy, and Everlube.
By optimizing the magnet’s composition, microstructure and surface treatment, our company has developed a series of low-weight-loss magnet, the weight loss of which can be lower than 1-5mg/cm² after the corrosion HAST test(130℃, 2.7atm, 100% humidity 7/14/20/30days).)

Coeficiente de baixa temperatura

Compared with conventional temperature coefficient magnets, our Low-Temp NdFeB series, of which Br values α(20~MT)reach -0.095%/℃, have better demagnetization resistance and magnetic flux density consistency.

pesada sem terras raras/baixa

Non/low rare earth Dy/Tb optimizes the formulation and strip cast material’s structure to have the magnet’s grain size refined and microstructure positive, which weans off our dependence on Dy and Tb, and cut down our cost.